Northside Baptist Church
Friday, November 24, 2017
Encounter God | Experience Growth | Exercise Your Faith


          It is our desire that every member of our church "Encounter God," Experience Growth," and "Exercise their Faith."  Participation in missions is a great way to exercise one's faith.  Missions is an essential part of any church that takes the Great Commission seriously. 
          You can participate as a mission partner in three ways.  The first way is as a prayer partner.  Every mission endeavor needs to be bathed in prayer before, during and after each mission trip.  Doors are opened for the gospel, the team is protected, people are saved, and a church is planted and members grow through the power of prayer.
          You can also be a giving partner.  Some people can't go to the mission field but they can give to support the mission and the going partners.  There are those who would like to go, but need financial assistance.  What better way to invest your money than in missions.  God will use your gift to carry the gospel to people who have never heard it.
          Finally, you can be a going partner.  Everyone who can ought to go on at least one mission trip to another country.  It will be a life changing experience.  It will allow you to see God at work first hand in the lives of people without Christ in other countries.
          The success of our mission endeavors is equally dependent upon all the partners working together.  If you would like more information about being a partner, please contact Levi Moore at If you would like information on specific mission trips, please click one of the pictures below.   
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for information on Peru.